Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Wall.

Last night i met a girl from San Antonio. She came all the way over to protest against the building of that wall. She was covered in tattoos :) I thought that was wonderful.

Of course the whole migration problem can be easily solved by providing temporary work visas. But no. I'ts better to build a billion dollar wall, that way you don't have to see our poverty, and you don't get any of it leaking into your flawless political system and as a bonus, you give this stinking poor country a big fat slap in the face. "Here's our mighty billion dollar wall!"

Politics aside, the moral issue behind building a wall against your neighbor is just wrong. Have we not been good enough neighbors ? We have wronged you for trying to do the filth shit jobs nobody wants to do.

Country built out of migrants and yet you will accept no more.

We are not terrorists.

No necesito cruzar la frontera para encontrar mi felicidad. Pero yo no vivo en una casa de cartón.

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Anonymous said...

a la chingada con su pinche muro pendejooo!!!! creo que llorare cuando lo vea( si osea de tristeza) por ahi escuche que lo que haran ahora es que pondran escaleras...
entre menos los dejen pasar mas awevados van a estar por querer pasar.
pero los que se chingan son ellos por que los pinches gringos no creo que quieran hacer lo que hacen los mexicanos (osea el trabajo sucio y eso.) yo no soy gringa! soy mexicana! =P.