Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The man knows me.

[Mufaker] i'm sure i fucked it all up somehow
[C U Next Tuesday] i just realized something
[Mufaker] oh man...
[C U Next Tuesday] ive seen you in the gutter more than a few times, broke, homeless and fucked up beat
[C U Next Tuesday] remember that time those three dudes beat you up outside the strip ahahahaha which was pretty fucking funny btw
[Mufaker] :/
[C U Next Tuesday] that same night we were drinking and partying it up with teh white girls
[Mufaker] i remember that
[C U Next Tuesday] yet you only get sad, complain and sometimes rant when its about girls
[Mufaker] interesting observation
[C U Next Tuesday] thanx :D
[Mufaker] for me to poop on


Anonymous said...

seei mucha gente en veces ve mas en nosotros mismos de lo q nosotros mismos podemos ver.

Mufaker said...


Verbo Carne said...


te invito a:


blog erótico!

Anonymous said...

mojando.blogspot.com <---- tienen fotos mias en ese.