Monday, November 05, 2007


Left for the weekend to visit my grandfather in Reynosa.

Thought it would be nice to separate myself from what Juárez is. Mainly the bitches. Turns out, there are tons of bitches in Reynosa. Actually a lot more per square meter than here. So it was a lovely thing because there are hardly any hot guys over there and i noticed this because girls kept looking at me like they wanted to ravage my bony ass.

Other than that, there's nothing to see over there. The coast is about an hour away so i guess that's the main attraction. I kept looking for key chains or pipes with a local signature to give to my friends, and anything that would represent that i actually went there. But nothing.

Next time, i'll hopefully take a couple of my homies. I went there to visit my grandfather but if I had gone in hopes of mac'n it up, i would have made a killing!

Take care my loves <3

Look! it's my grandad.

Hot slut!


Anonymous said...

jaja ese look de tu grandpa vale mas de mil palabras!

Mufaker said...

siii, si hablara me hubiera mandado a la verga :D

Anonymous said...

nice 2 meet u muf grandpa :D

los abuelos rockean!!
el mio ta enfermito :(((((
y mi abuelo postizo es ien atm


Mufaker said...

oww que mal lo de tu abuelo, espero que se mejore pronto :).

la verdad esque fui a verlo porque ya esta bien viejito y aunque no nos ha dado muchos sustos, pues de todas maneras sigue estando muy viejito y no me quiero quedar con las ganas de ir a verlo, eso sería lo peor.

Intentaré ir cada año :]