Thursday, June 04, 2009

And so it begins.

Two issues from a local news paper called PM i picked up this week, one is from last Saturday and the other one is from yesterday.

I don't know if this will be a daily thing or a weekly recount. I'll figure these things as we progress.

I've been wanting to show this to you for a while now. Just so that you could get a feel of what it is to live here knowing all of this is happening. For the most part, people just live their lives as they should. Newspapers like this make good money out of it by looking at it from a not so serious perspective. While there's nothing funny about the pictures they post, satiric commentary always accompanies the disturbing shot. Very politically incorrect but a lot of people enjoy it, me being one of them. Kind of a way to see it and not be afraid, we make fun of it. Still doesn't make it go away.

Click to view the uncensored pictures. Please excersize common sense while viewing these. For most of you, the censored thumbnail should be enough.

Oh and one last thing. This is just an introductory post. Next posts wont have headlines nor will they have any information. This is now a real life blog. Irony we'll only talk about death.

I'm not sure what i'll do about the sex aspect. Maybe i'll just get naked. Or post all the pictures you crazy fucks keep sending me. We'll figure this out later kids.

Have a lovely weekend.


としお♡ said...

mejor pon viejas encueradas
hahaha :)

monchis said...

aqui en drogales tmb hay un periodico q se llama PM..
hasta las noticias y fotos se parecen! je.